Dr. Ricardo Coronado Leija, NYU Langone Medical Center
Título: Biological models for the Validation of diffusion MRI

Resumen: In this talk I will show some of the advances we have in the development of Biological models on rat for the validation of several diffusion MRI techniques. We will discuss about the design of the biological models on rats as well as the scan setting. The animal models tackle 3 different brain damages: axonal degeneration, inflammation and demyelination. Our study includes the computation of diffusion estimators with three different state-of-the-art diffusion MR methods. Next, the validations based on histological data are going to be presented. Then, I will explain the results we obtained in our study, and the correlations among the different techniques that allow to characterize the axonal loss in the tissue. Finally, we are going to share some ideas for the future work.


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